Behavioral Support & Services

Positive Behavioral Support to Learn New Skills, Improve Relationships, & Promote Independence.

Behavioral Services for Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Behavioral health is an essential element in holistic wellness. It helps us to regulate our emotions, cope with difficult situations, and improve our ability to function in everyday life. By understanding that a lifetime of experiences helps to shape our extraordinary individuality, we take a sensitive approach in looking at each person as a whole.

Through individualized, positive behavior supports, we celebrate strengths and self-determination within a trusting and inclusive environment. It is our belief that through connection and empowerment, we can help nurture relationships, achieve goals, support dreams, and encourage self-advocacy in all aspects of life.

To ensure continuity of care, we work collaboratively with caregivers and other trained professionals, across settings. Through an ethical and effective manner, we use data collection, observation, and the implementation of behavior support plans to teach individualized goals that we can monitor and modify through intervention and skill acquisition procedures as outlined by the Administrative Rules of Montana.

Our Behavioral Services Programs Focus On:

Assessing skill levels across multiple domains

(Ex. expressive & receptive communication, activities of daily living, social, leisure)

Evaluating biopsychosocial & medical variables

(Ex. environmental, trauma, psychiatric, medical)

Person-centered Treatment Planning

(Ex. behavior support plan, skill acquisition, reduction of concerning behaviors)

Program monitoring

(Ex. observation, data tracking & graphing, fidelity checks)

Coordination of care

(Ex. family, medical, therapy services)

Training staff

(Ex. modeling, coaching, fidelity checks)


FAQs About Behavioral Services

Behavioral Support Services (BSS) uses evidence-based, positive behavioral supports to reduce concerning behavior. By making environmental changes and teaching new skills, we can improve relationships, promote independence, and help to support community access & involvement.

A person can access services through the HCBS Medicaid Waiver, private insurance, or private pay.

  • Concerning behaviors
  • Communication
  • Skill acquisition
  • Self-help activities
  • Social skills

The supports provided by behavior specialists are intended to supplement other services, as needed, but will not substitute for mental health or other medical services. Behavior specialists work in conjunction with many other departments and/or agencies to ensure continuity of care and may alert other providers to identified issues impacting behavior.


The Missoula Development Service Corporation is now The Arc Western Montana.

We are proud to share that Missoula Developmental Service Corporation (MDSC) is now The Arc Western Montana. This is not a change in name only; it is reflective of our new vision, revised mission, and updated values.

As The Arc Western Montana, we will build on the foundation MDSC established and provide forward-thinking, innovative, and exceptional services.

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